Installation view in GOLEM, Jewish Museum Berlin (2016)
Video Stills
References: Ghost in the Shell (1995) / 2001: Odyssee im Weltraum / Replicant
Futureworld / Fantasia (1940) / Robot & Frank
Chappie / Der Android / Alraune (1928)
Metropolis (1927) / Le Golem (1936) / A.I.: Künstliche Intelligenz
Blade Runner / Ghost in the Shell 2 – Innocence / 2001: Odyssee im Weltraum
IT! – Der Golem lebt! / The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XVII / Supernatural: Jeder hasst Hitler
Tron (1982)
Ghost in the Shell 2 – Innocence / I, Robot / Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

3-channel video installation, 8:40 min.

In collaboration with Detlef Weitz

The 3-channel video installation AE/MAETH reveals the myth of artificial life in cinema history. The video collage is based on snippets from 60 movies that depict humunculi, cyborgs, robots, androids, replicants and of course: golems. The research-like artistic approach that led to the video work uncovers recurring motifs in form and content of Sci-Fi movies that tell the story of various artifical lifeforms. The looped video shows three chapters: 1. the creation from dead matter, 2. the creature as companion and 3. the loss of control and destruction of the artifical being. The work’s title AE/MAETH (aemaeth=life, maeth=death) refers to the magic spell rabbi Loew chanted in order to bring the golem to life and again destoy it.

Commissioned by the Jewish Museum Berlin for the exhibition GOLEM
Curated by: Emily D. Bilski, Martina Lüdicke
Scenography by: chezweitz

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