StyleGAN videos, animation, screen, aluminum, nylon

In western societies, the yoga trend is a gentle form of self-optimization. In the hustle and bustle of neoliberal everyday life with its many demands, this cultural import from India promises a return to a centered sense of balance. But the progress of future technologies seeks not centeredness but transgression, currently focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Is it possible to program software with intelligence like that of humans? At the same time, our biological bodies are changing, enriched with non-biological nanoparticles. Futurologist Ray Kurzweil foresees the emergence of “Humans 3.0” that are capable of changing their shape. Hurtig explores the extent to which today’s AI, in the form of the StyleGAN software, can be taught to understand human anatomy; the videos generated by the software show Hurtig in various yoga positions. The anatomically impossible movements seem to anticipate Kurzweil’s vision.

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Human in the Loop, HALLE 14, Spinnerei Leipzig (2022)
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