Note To Self

LIA Award Exhibition / Solo Show
26 July–27 October 2019
Opening: Thursday, 25 July, 6 pm
Speakers: Jennifer Bork (Curator, Hannover), Rainer Schade (Leipziger Jahresausstellung e.V.)

The video artist Stefan Hurtig (* 1981), who lives in Leipzig and Berlin, is the 20th prize winner of the Leipziger Jahresausstellung e. V. In Note to Self, Hurtig presents an intricate spatial assemblage that addresses the conflicts experienced by individuals when exposed to the pressure to self-optimise as entrepreneurial entities. In his piece, Hurtig uses the forms and vocabulary of a neoliberal structure. The solo show is like a walk-in Instagram hashtag where motivationals, commercials and self-promotion mingle. The exhibition gathers photo and video works from the last four years including a new utopian film on the topic of idleness.

Museum of Fine Arts / Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
Katharinenstr. 10, 04109 Leipzig