Performance Voyage 6 Screening

A Series of International Video Performances on the Theme «Future/Tomorrow»

Caroline Blais (Canada), James Duesing (USA), Roberto Fassone (Italy), Rick Fisher & Don Rice (Canada), Andrew de Freitas (New Zealand/Canada/Brazil), Stefan Hurtig (Germany), Henri Hütt (Estonia), Linda Lenssen (The Netherlands), Michael Mallis (USA), Roberta Orlando (Italy), Johanna Reich (Germany), Pia Sirén (Finland), Niko Skorpio (Finland), Willem Wilhelmus (The Netherlands/Finland) & Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland)

Performance Voyage 6 is a series of international video performances produced by Artists’ Association MUU. Performance Voyage 6 premiered at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in March 2016. From there the collection has toured in both domestic and foreign locations, including Athens, Berlin, Cologne, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Wrocław, Pori, Oulu and Turku.

Performance Voyage 6 Screening
December 8, 2016, 6 pm

Iso Roobertinkatu 16