Exhibition view in Note to Self, Museum of Fine Arts (MdbK) Leipzig, 2019
Video Still
Production Shot by Anne Ihm/Stefan Hurtig
Production Shot
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Production Shot
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Installation Version, 2020

4K Video, 12 min.

IDLE is about an alternate future of humanity. IDLE is a praise of idleness. The film follows a humanoid being in a post-apocalyptic landscape dancing and enjoying leisure while housekeeping robots do their job and unintentionally create works of art. A voice speaks a text based on the essay »Laziness as the Real Truth of Mankind« (1921) by Kazimir Malevich.

Screenplay: Stefan Hurtig

Performance by Jana Rath

Costume Design: Alexandra Börner

Music/Sound Design: Ludovico Failla

Voice: Carmen Orschinski

Drone Operators: Christiane Burwitz, Stefan Pocha

Translation: Elizabeth Gerdeman

Special Thnx: Jennifer Bork, Sabine Elsner, Steffen Grosser, Ina Hurtig, LIA e.V., Sebastian Mühl, Hein-Godehart Petschulat, Holger Vonberg, Anglika Waniek, Wüstenrot Stiftung

Kindly supported by Gemeinde Ostseebad Binz, Werkleitz

Architecture by Ulrich Müther

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