It Will Have Been. A New Futurist Manifesto

Installation View, VEKTOR, DieBox Leipzig (2021)
Video Stills

HD Video, 6:10 min

In times of daily apocalyptical news due to the pandemic situation the film speculates on a post-COVID19 future. Alternative economic concepts such as degrowth suddenly appear not so utopian any more. The film’s pictures, recorded at Autostadt Wolfsburg, are combined with a narration about deceleration and idleness. The spoken words are based on the »Manifesto of Futurism« by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti from 1909. About a hundred years after its first publication the artist revised the eleven paragraphs: His »New Futurist Manifesto« inverts Marinetti’s praise of machinery, acceleration and industrialization.

Music by DURA
Voice by Elizabeth Gerdeman
Sound Mix by Sebastian Geist

Kindly supported by the Culture Foundation of the Free State of Saxony (KdFS)

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