Challenge (Leider kein Foto)

TeleGen. Art and Television, Kunstmuseum Bonn, 2015
TeleGen. Art and Television, Kunstmuseum Bonn, 2015

Challenge (Sorry, no Photo)

HD video loop, monitor, chains, motor, acrylic glass

»Heidi Klum’s constantly recurring, only slightly varied statement “Unfortunately, I don’t have a photograph for you today,” which means the end of the dream of being a model, was collected and collaged by Hurtig as an original sound bite. Endlessly looped in the video work Challenge (Leider kein Foto) from 2012–14, the words seem like a timeless mantra. The image newly filmed by Hurtig synchronously to the sound shows iconic red lips moving in front of a black background while the monitor, attached to a black chain, rotates ceaselessly. This is the wonderful image of a television set bound in chains, imprisoned in its own structures!« (Sarah Waldschmitt, excerpt from the catalogue TeleGen)

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